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Mayonnaise Mayo
We Started Mayonnaise life in 1986 and have been manufacturing standard and bespoke recipe sauces and mayonnaise for over 20 years. Our BRC accredited site and state of the art mixing, dispersion, packaging and automated filling systems mean that we can deliver when you need it.
What's more we can deliver in a range of different packages from 25g portion control pots 10 1000 kg industrial containers plus all the sizes in between.

Minimum order 1 pallet can mixed sizes & products
Plus have your own label again 1 pallet minimum order.
Choice of Lid colure:- Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White
Your requirements are made to Order, allow 5 working days for delivery, from placing order Stock is delivered with 6 Months BBE ,less 4 days production/delivery.

All orders delivered within 24 hours of leaving the Factory.
Samples on Request.
Want more information on Mayonnaise and Sauces? Email Us or call us on 01962 738 449

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